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Vacuuming Hands-free
Buying a robot

Ways to Automate Vacuuming

Fully automated homes no longer belong to the distant future – more and more homes feature integrated appliances, smart homes having automated equipment for lighting and home entertainment, cleaning machines operated from a single central panel, even special automation systems for the enhanced security of your home.

For me, the greatest benefit of an automated home would be to get a robotic vacuum cleaner. I don’t like vacuuming – I find it extremely tedious to crawl on the floor with an awkwardly shaped hover, trying to reach all the remote corners in the room to remove all the dust that starts settling again the minute I stop vacuuming.

Robot vacuum advantages

Robot vacuums are autonomous, intelligent appliances equipped with cameras and sensors or ultrasound systems to detect obstacles and prevent bumping into furniture. Some of these futuristic-looking little vacuums use special technologies to detect stairs and to map the room they are working in to avoid cleaning the same spot several times while leaving others dirty. Robotic vacuums are usually powered with batteries and can be easily programmed to schedule the time of the cleaning session.

Another way to automate vacuuming activities around the house is to install an integrated central vacuuming system. Such systems work from a central operating unit and need a number of inlet valves in the rooms of the house where you can connect the cleaning hoses.

On plugging the hose, the system will automatically turn on the remotely positioned motor and fans. With an integrated vacuuming system, you don’t have to carry any heavy equipment around the house and the powerful motor being located relatively far away in a special housing, and the vacuuming is more thorough and also much more silent than in the case of traditional vacuum cleaners.

If you don’t have the possibility to automate your home, but you are looking for time saving devices that really do the dirty work for you, find out how robot vacuum cleaners can quickly become your favorite assistant in automated cleaning, by moving around unnoticed and leaving clean, dustless floors behind.