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Powerful vacuums with good suction
Real handy to have one

The Importance of Having Vacuum Cleaners with Good Suction

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important household appliances that you will ever own. It does not matter if you are talking about owning an apartment, house, or even a business, you will find an incredible necessity for owning a vacuum to be able to aid you in keeping your home or other property clean.

The problem that many people face when they purchase a vacuum cleaner is that it has trouble sucking up the dust, debris, string, or other particles that have fallen or attach themselves to the carpet. However, that is just a small piece of the problem.

Embedded in that carpet are pathogens and other potential health risks that are lurking within the fibers of the carpet, waiting to cause you and your family problems. This can come in the form of bacteria, fecal matter, or other particles that either carry disease or are the disease themselves. This puts you and your family in danger because you lay on the carpet, walk across your carpet with bare feet. You may even sleep on your carpet, allowing these pathogens to have a chance to get on your body or within your respiratory system. You just need vacuum cleaners that will take those harm away from your carpet there and then.

The standard vacuum operates by using one of two mechanisms to be able to suck up the materials within your carpet. The first of these is gravity, which most of us recognize as the principle of what goes up must come down. However, this principle works in the reverse in your vacuum cleaner. Here the pressure pulls the debris and particles out of the carpet and into the vacuum. This seems like it is not like gravity in any way, but the fact of the matter is that the motor of the vacuum creates a high pressure around the motor in the same way that the earth supplies a higher level of force against all objects in and around it. This causes the high sucking action which will pull the materials out of the carpet and into your vacuum cleaner.

The other means by which a vacuum cleaner works is through the use of electromagnetic force. Here, a charge is placed upon the materials so that they are then absorbed and brought into the vacuum cleaner much in the same way that oppositely charged objects are attracted to one another.

Advantages of suction vacuum

While the electromagnetic vacuum cleaner is becoming a popular selection, the traditional suction type is the most popular for many reasons. The first of these advantages is that suction is often able to draw in particles that electromagnetic friction cannot. Unless a charge can be created on a particle, the process of electromagnetism will not work. Suction does not have this kind of problem.

There are other advantages however. Suction vacuum cleaners have been proven more effective at drawing in particles deep within the carpet surface, even those that most would’ve thought that the electromagnetic vacuum cleaner would’ve had greater success with. Suction vacuum cleaners also use less power than electromagnetic vacuum cleaners, meaning that they will have a far less effect on your electricity bill each month.

How suction ratings are determined

You may be interested in a vacuum cleaner that uses suction, but aren’t really sure how to find the best vacuum cleaner for yourself. There are three ratings that you should be aware of.

  • Airflow – the motor of your vacuum cleaner takes the power that it receives and converts that into suction using the airflow. The problem is that many people don’t truly understand how airflow ratings affect the ability of the vacuum cleaner. Truthfully, even some manufacturers don’t. Airflow is determined in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and can be affected by such things as the power of the motor and the diameter of the vacuum cleaner hose. While airflow is important, it is only in conjunction with the other two ratings that one really makes a proper determination.
  • Direct Collection Ability – this value is found in three different actions, brushing, agitation, and beating. It is the motion of the vacuum cleaner itself, where the brush or other mechanism that is in direct contact with the floor, agitates the carpet or flooring in such a way that it allows the airflow to suck up the materials.
  • Amps – amperage is determined by the maximum amount of current that will flow through the vacuum cleaners motor when it is on. A maximum of 12 A is all that is permitted with a higher amount of amps meaning you are getting more power to your motor. Keep in mind that the higher amount of amps does not mean you have a greater amount of suction, however.

    These three factors are being presented to you because it is not a higher value in any one that makes it better than any other. It is the combination of the three that really makes it the ideal choice for your personal preference in your home.

Vacuum type comparisons

The type of value can also play a significant role in terms of the amount of suction capability that the vacuum has. This gives you another option when you are making a comparison of the kind of vacuum that you are looking for.

  • Upright vs canister vacuums – these are two of the most commonly found type of section vacuum cleaners. The upright vacuum consists of a motor and suction head which makes it easier to glide across the carpet and the attachments make it easy to clean hard-to-reach kinds of surfaces. The canister vacuum is easier when you are trying to get to hard-to-reach places, like the stairs.
  • Canister vs robotic vacuums – while canister vacuums allow you to reach a lot of areas more easily, while robotic vacuums give you the ability to just turn your vacuum on and let it do the work. Each vacuum provides its own benefits, with the canister vacuum doing the more thorough job because you are performing the work, while the robotic vacuum does the work for you but not quite as thoroughly.
  • Robotic vs handheld vacuums – the robotic vacuum takes care of the work for you, but the handheld vacuum gives you ease-of-use and can reach many areas where your robotic vacuum would have no successful.

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Suction vacuum has disadvantages too

While the section vacuum is very popular, there are some disadvantages to it. Most of these are related to the fact that these can be rather noisy vacuum cleaners. There is not going to be any conversation going on while the vacuum is running.

These vacuums also require a larger amount of electrical consumption to work. They also present a challenge to you if you are attempting to suck up heavier objects. They either have no success, or they can cause problems for the motor trying to suck the object into the vacuum itself.


This is a lot of information for sure, but now you are more informed on how to find the right suction vacuum cleaner for you. This should also help you to make a decision if you want to get suction vacuum cleaner and all, which seems to be the right kind of choice.

Make sure you do a look at how well the vacuum is designed and how easy it is to use and you will find the kind of vacuum that will make a real difference for you.