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Is It Time to Change The Vacuum
Time's up!

Signs It's Time You Changed Your Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone wants a clean, germ-free home and for the busy people, a serious amount of money is invested into household appliances to help us with the chores – hands-free. The vacuum cleaner and washing machine are few of the household appliances most people are unable to live without.

We live in a world that’s not so perfect, and these appliances sometimes give up on us, leaving us desperate with a house that’s full of dirt. While equipment failure may not occur so frequent, it is not unreasonable to say that it will eventually do so one day.

Electronics, pretty similar to human beings give signs and symptoms before they “fall sick” or we call breakdown. And these are the signs that more often or not, we overlook, or choose to totally ignore them. For a start, we shall focus on the kinks for vacuum cleaners.

What’s inside the vacuum cleaner

Both small vacuum cleaners and larger machines are relatively simple appliances, consisting of an intake and exhaust port, a fan, a dust bag, several filters and the heart of the vacuum cleaner, the motor. If any of these parts get clogged or overheated, the whole machine can get damaged beyond any remedy.

However, the good thing is that, with a little attention, you can notice any anomaly or improper functioning, which will also allow you to prevent further damage or will tell you it is time you changed your vacuum. So, let’s see what the 3 most obvious malfunctions are:

Deteriorated suction power

The cleaner is unable to suck up dirt even from flat, shiny surfaces. The fault can be caused by poor maintenance, which leads to a stuck brush bar or a clogged filter, in which case you can clean the filter or move the bar by hand. However, if the poor suction is accompanied by a funny smell, it means that the motor is dying, so it is time to change the cleaner.

Starts making weird sounds

Young children, when fallen sick cry more often than they should. These are also systems when the cleaner makes a strange, whining noise it represents a totally giveaway sign that the motor is overburdened and will soon break down.

Unusual heat or smoke emissions

When the vacuum cleaner heats up too quickly or starts churning out smoke, this is also a sign that the motor is overused and will break down.

If you notice any of the above signs, make sure you turn off the vacuum cleaner immediately and check for the root of the problem.

Some vacuum cleaner faults can be fixed at home, but if the problem is caused by the motor, the repair can cost more than buying a new unit, so you should consider purchasing a new vacuum cleaner instead of having the old one repaired.