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Vacuumable Reviews
Hoover UH20040 Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Hoover UH20040 Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Efficient and Lightweight

  • Lightweight and powerful vacuum in compact size
  • Goes up to 7 Feet of Above-The-Floor Cleaning Reach provides maximum coverage cleaning floors, windows, stairs, fans etc.
  • 3 Position Height Adjustment cleans efficiently to almost all floor types
  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology separates fine particles of dirt and dust before reaching the filter and allows for ease of maintenance
  • 23-foot Power Cord allows movement in a big room without unplugging
  • One of the most affordable robot vacuum cleaners in the market with WiFi connection
  • Runs for a long time with very little power fade due to the battery made from lithium ion
  • Easily picks up dirt from bare floor
  • Works really well on edges and corners of the room due to the dual side brushes
  • You can control and schedule the Ecovacs Deebot vacuum even when you are not at home through the help of the app
  • Noiseless operation
  • Ecovacs Deebot vacuum does not work well on rugs or carpets with high pile
  • Deep cleaning of carpets is not possible
  • Cannot efficiently navigate the robot vacuum cleaner randomly
  • Light weight charging dock which can be pushed around with ease
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Compact size.
  • Modern and interesting design.
  • The filter can be washed and reused.
  • HEPA system.
  • Long power cord.
  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology.
  • Great value for money.
  • It is lightweight and has ideal dimensions for storing when space is an issue.
  • Brushroll is easy to adjust.
  • Long wand.
  • Cord storage isn’t well sorted.
  • Hose attachment is complicated.
  • Better suction is desirable.

Hoover is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to the vacuum cleaners, simply said. The model here, the Hoover UH20040 shares the same passion we were able to see in more expensive ‘’cousins’’. It is still useful, efficient and practical, but the price is more than just affordable. All owners gave positive reviews about it, and on our tests, it got high scores. But, there are a lot of additional things you should know.

Multi-Cyclonic Technology

This technology isn’t the latest, but it is one of those that you definitely want to have. It works on a simple principle, by filtrating the air and capturing the tiny particles. They are completely trapped before they reach filter, therefore maintenance is simpler, cheap and easier as well. The best part is the fact, this system actually works and it is effective even when the surface is covered with dust and hair. Experts claim that with the help of the Multi-Cyclonic Technology filter will stay clean for a longer period of time, but it will also keep the already trapped particles.

Small and Compact

With the dimensions of 13.4 x 11.3 x 29.9 inches and the weight of 12.8 pounds, this is a lightweight vacuum cleaner. The design also makes it suitable for smaller apartments and homes where space may be an issue. Every single lightweight and upright vacuum cleaner is more desirable in these situations. The key element is not to lose any of the features, by getting a model with small dimensions and low weight. Hoover UH20040 offers a great compromise between all of these, so we like this advantage.Still, all the components are well-made and they are durable.

Removable Cleaning Wand

This vacuum cleaner is more than just simple. It has a removable wand that can be simply detached in seconds and used for cleaning above the floor surfaces. It will reach up to 7 feet, making it more useful than some, equivalent models on the market. The handle itself is strong, durable and modern (if you are looking for a good-looking vacuum cleaner). The attachments are specifically designed for this wand. They are not borrowed from bigger models, which is a common thing nowadays. It means that they fit perfectly and they are firmly attached. Interchangeable attachments are included in the package and all of them are made from high-quality plastics.

Brushroll Height Adjustment

Don’t expect some impressive suction. It isn’t the professional nor high-end vacuum cleaner, but you will get solid suction power on all surfaces. Switching between the carpet and hard floor cleaning is, guess, simple. You will have to set the desired brushroll height on the switch on the cleaner head and you are done. There are three different settings to choose from. After some time, you will determine which one is perfect for the carpets in your home. Note: Different carpets require different settings.

Reusable Air Filter

With most vacuum cleaners, air filters are not reusable. They can be used just once, and after that, they must be replaced. This increases the maintenance costs and it is simply annoying. The Hoover UH20040 isn’t one of those models. It comes with the air filter that can be washed and reused again and again. The lifespan is longer than 2 years, but it will depend on how often you use the vacuum cleaner. You also get the system check indicator. It is a simple feature that tells you when you should perform the maintenance. For busy people, this may be the number one feature.  Important: Always wash the filter in hot water. This will remove all the dust and debris, even those that are in solid state.

Long Power Cord

The power cord is 23 feet long. This means that finally, you don’t have to purchase additional cables, nor to buy additional power sources. All you need is one socket and you are ready. The power cord itself is the standard version, but it comes with the heavy-duty ends, so it is resistant and it can be used for a longer period of time. It is actually one of top rated plus sides this model has.

Final Thoughts

All you have to know about this vacuum cleaner is explained in the Hoover UH20040 review here. We can add that it is probably the best guide for getting the best vacuum cleaner on the budget. Why like it? It is affordable, but none of the quality hasn’t been eliminated. It is also powerful enough for most applications, and it is durable, even if you use it every day. Compact size and attachments can be even compared to more expensive models and there won’t be significant differences. The bottom line is that you will be a proud owner of a small, useful and durable vacuum cleaner that really has a lot to offer and it is even preferable compared to some more expensive models. Add the fact it is cheap to maintain and you may have the best unit for your cleaning purposes.