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Vacuumable Reviews
An automatic robotic pool vacuum cleaner

Hayward RC9990CUB Automatic Robotic Pool Vacuum

Your pool deserves nothing but the best

  • The fast 90-minute Quick Clean Cycle saves time
  • Runs in-ground residential pools up to 20 x 40 feet
  • Runs automatically without the need for extra accessories or pumps
  • Opening device, remove cartridge and rise with hose thanks to its unique cartridge filter system
  • An efficient 24-volt motor uses less energy and better cost savings
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Easy to use. No complicated buttons.
  • Less water is spent on backwashing.
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Strong vacuum power
  • Reinforced filter cartridges work perfectly and are easy to clean
  • No need for additional hookups hoses and pumps.
  • Reliable and efficient motor
  • Scours all the pool surfaces clean of debris within 90 minutes
  • The cartridges and the filters are easy to maintain
  • Less backwashing thus less water consumption
  • Convenient to carry and store thanks to the optional caddy cart used
  • The whole unit is heavy and not suitable for use by people who have back problems.
  • Cleaning the filters after each use is clumsy and cumbersome
  • Some users may find the robotic vacuum cleaner hard to use

Hayward manufactures some of the most efficient and reliable automated robotic pool cleaners. The Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark robotic vacuum cleaner is an efficient pool cleaner which will do the tough cleaning work for you.

As dirt accumulates in a swimming pool’s filter bed, there is an increase in the resistance flow. This resistance can cause a reduction in the water being discharged to the pool. The swimming pools filter may not be able to work efficiently, and a robotic vacuum cleaner may be needed. Most people are certain that robotic pool cleaners will be the most effective and technologically advanced pool cleaning machines you can purchase to do the tough cleaning. Spend less time laboring over keeping your swimming pool clean by using Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner.

 The vacuum is meticulously engineered with smart technology which aids it with calculating the most suitable cleaning pattern according to the pool dimensions and the pool’s filtration needs. This cleaner works hand in hand with the pool’s filter system making your pool maintenance routine hustle free.TigerShark can clean small and medium-sized waste such as dust, leaves, algae, and twigs among others from pools of up to 40×20 feet.

The Hayward RC9990CUB

Hayward RC9990CUB provides fast 90 minutes of a quick clean cycle which runs separately from the filtration system of the pool. The 90 min rapid clean cycle reduces the regularity of filter backwash rounds. Uniquely designed cartridge filter system makes the emptying process easy. There is no need of extra hoses, pumps, or hookups required. Just open the pool cleaner, remove the cartridge and rinse it thoroughly using a hose.

The robotic RC9990CUB cleaner also comes equipped with a competent 24-volt motor which is designed to use less energy, thus lowering the running costs. The Hayward RC9990CUB robotic pool cleaner features the fantastic, intelligent microprocessor-based system. This technology can issue control commands to the filter in case of current, voltage, or frequency anomalies.

Features: TigerShark 90 minute quick clean cycle

The 90-minute quick clean cycle will efficiently clean your pool’s full-floor, waterline, and coves. The quick clean system provides a rapid 90-minute period.  The two cleaning speeds remove dirt, algae, debris, and other pool contaminants fast. Gunite, vinyl, pebble, fiberglass, and tile floors can be scrubbed and wiped using this robotic pool cleaner.

Features: Only one of its kind cartridge filter system

Filters make sure that cleansed water is circulated back to the pool after through filtering. The filter system is designed an easy to use manner which makes emptying hustle free. Open the robotic cleaner, take out the cartridge, and rinse thoroughly with a hose. There are no scrubbing brushes required to clean the filter system. The cartridge elements are reinforced, which ensures that your TigerShark filters will last longer plus cost less in the overall maintenance.

Features: Comes with an optional caddy cart

Optional caddy cart allows you to easily handle and store the cleaner, power supply, and the cord. You do not need to tire while carrying the whole unit into the storage area.

Features: Efficient and powerful 24-volt motor

The motor is specially designed to use less energy while scrubbing and getting free pool contaminants. Less energy motor means that the overall cost of running the cleaner will be reduced. The aid of this motor efficiently completes the full 3-hour complete cleaning cycle without any hitches on performance.

Power supply input voltage is 115 VAC 60 Hz. The electric motor propels the vacuum cleaner and creates suction which works independently from the pool’s pump. This vacuum pool cleaner is safe for use in the water, and it will not cause electrocution.

Features: A 55 inch power cord

Apart from the 55 inches cord, there are no other hookups, pumps or hoses required. The cord can be connected to your outdoor power outlet. No tangled wires cords and tubes that make pool cleaning a cumbersome exercise. The robotic cleaner comes with its inbuilt pump and hoses, which filter the pool’s water through the powerful and efficient filters.

Features: Able to clean 20x40 in-ground swimming pools

Residential 20×40 in-ground swimming pools can be efficiently cleaned using this vacuum robotic pool cleaner. The cleaner works separately from the pool’s filtration system, which reduces the frequency of filter backwash cycles. Reduced backwash cycles man that less energy will be consumed and consequently less money are used in maintaining the pool.

The vacuum cleaner can climb the pool walls while efficiently removing all the dirt. Robotic technology can work out on how it can efficiently clean the pool according to your pool’s needs.

The verdict

Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark robotic pool vacuum cleaner is effective at cleaning small and large debris. The vacuum can circulate the pool water with less backwashing even when the filter is not working. It can scrub the pool’s delicate tiles, vinyl or fiberglass material easily. The cleaner is powered by an efficient electric motor and pump which connect to your outdoor power outlet by the use of a 50 inches cable.

Saving money while using a robotic vacuum cleaner may sound like an impossible thing. However, with this robotic vacuum pool cleaner, money is saved not only through reduced backwashing but also through the efficient motor. The 90-minute quick clean cycle also ensures that you spend less time when cleaning.

Give your pool the treatment it deserves.