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Vacuumable Reviews
Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Smart App Controllable Vacuum Cleaner

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant commands.
  • ECOVACS Smart App is equipped with advanced features including direct control, scheduling, status updates, cleaning modes, accessories status.
  • Longer battery life up to 100 minutes, built-in with auto return and charging features.
  • Equipped with various modes (auto, spot and edge) for compatible floor vacuuming.
  • Pumping up suction up to 2X to remove stubborn messes.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • An affordable and reasonably priced robotic vacuum cleaner.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant for better controls.
  • Longer battery life and impressive side brushes.
  • Does not work all the time on rugs and high pile carpets.

Many people do not find pleasure in cleaning their homes nor do they have time to do the cleaning. Hence this task is always delegated for the weekend. When they do have time to clean, they often have an easy way of doing it. This is why almost every home has one (or two, or more).

You know that vacuum cleaners can make cleaning a breeze but even more so when you have a robotic cleaning machine like the Ecovacs Deebot N79S. This is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners of its kind available in the market.

A reasonably priced robotic vacuum cleaner that bridges the gap between a pricey robot vacuum with all the cool features and the budget minded units. It provides a simple operation but with a superb app experience and voice control enabled by Alexa.

The Ecovac N79S design

The reviews by many of the Deebot N79S say it does not look extraordinary as it looks like any robotic vacuum cleaner. However, since these machines are already sleek as they are so, we can say that this vacuum appears good. Part of its design is the location of the button placed on top of the machine to activate it in auto mode. The bottom has two brushes, which makes cleaning easier when cleaning corners and edges.

The model has a downloadable app that can connect with, and the process is simple and uses it immediately. It also has a remote control, which makes using the machine easy and a charging dock that serves as its home when it is not doing the cleaning.

The Smart App

The Deebot N79S features include a downloadable App with various cleaning modes. Its auto mode is useful when you need to vacuum the floors unattended. You can choose the edge mode, which is good when cleaning around the corners and edges of the room. Other mode options are the spot mode, and the room mode both are useful when cleaning. The app also has a button that tells the machine to go back to its position, amount of battery and schedule the machine’s cleaning time.

Smart home integration

The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner allows you to integrate it with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant. You can issue commands, and they will activate the vacuum to start cleaning.

The only downside, however, aside from Ecovacs Deebot N79S Alexa and Google Voice Assistant relations, it does not marry well with other systems.

Take a look at how the Deebot N79S connects to wifi.


This is an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner that works like any other machine; it has its smart motion system that can detect debris and dirt in the house and clean them right away with the different cleaning modes. It comes with a V-shaped brush, which is helped by the spinning brushes in loosening the dirt. It has wheels for easy mobility, and the low profile of the machine supports the machine move under the sofa and in between tight spaces. Performance of the Deebot N79S on carpet can be seen by it’s ability to move around with ease, taking dirt, dust as well as pet hair as it goes.

The shape of this robotic vacuum made 360 degrees movement with ease. It also offers greater maneuverability for cleaning the house with ease. The noise level is at a minimum compared to other robotic vacuum cleaners. The Ecovacs N79S battery life is outstanding, operating for 100 minutes and takes 3 to 4 hours to charge completely. Another good news is it comes with a HEPA filtration system.


In the many features this robotic cleaner reviewed about above, you can conclude that ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S is truely an excellent choice when you need an assistant that can clean your house effortlessly. It gets the job done without breaking a sweat. Definitely, a great model and offers a good return on your investment as compared to other robot vacuum cleaners of its class.